Detailed view of Still Life with Fruit, Unknown Italian Artist

Sold on behalf of a private client

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I spent my childhood going to flea markets, tag sales, historical houses and museums but I didn’t fully appreciate the study of art and objects until        


I took my first art history course my sophomore year in college.  I was hooked.

In my career I have handled claims relating to automatic teller machines (ATMs), movie productions, paintings, antique books, 19th Century furniture, Chinese bronzes, Tiffany lamps- and yes, Cezannes and Chifforobes.

Being a fine art loss adjuster allows me to bring my art and insurance knowledge to work for my clients.  In balancing the needs of the art with the commercial needs of the client I produce viable results.  Every situation is an engaging challenge allowing me to exercise my creativity and problem solving skills.

I know that you have a choice when it comes to selecting an adjuster, read about what makes us different.

                                                                             Nicole Sheley

                                                                             Director and Founder